Oct 27, 2009


Why is a frog a frog and not a dog?
How come birds can fly but flies cannot chirp?
Are those foamy things clouds or fog?
Who made that loud bbbbuuuurrrrrppppp?

What is the tallest mountain in the world?
Who dug the deepest hole and why?
How fast can you pedal your bike, girly-girl?
Man, when you spit does it make rain from the sky?

Not long ago there was new excitement in the air
And we looked down and smiled at a wiggly thing
Who shot right back with a stone-cold glare
Declaring himself King!

There was yet another tiny one,
Though perhaps plumper and sweeter,
Who cooed while her eyes searched for fun
As warmth increased on her cuddle meter.

Two babies at the same time was such a treat!
At first we thought we only saw doubles --
But then the new born Prince bellowed to greet
As the sweetheart Princess simply blew bubbles.

Quickly the two became best friends
Sharing everything-- they will be
Together beyond the end.
Always we.

How many questions can you think to ask?
Do you suppose bugs drink water?
Why do you have to do that task?
How can a knat dodge the swatter?

Why are boys, boys and not girls?
Who exactly is to say?
No matter today, our lovely pearls
It is your sixth birthday!

© Coninc, TheBackYardKids.com, Short Stories For Short Folk (Library of Congress 1-147158261, pending)

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